Our values

Passion, enthusiasm and putting the customer first: discover the values that characterize our company.

Customer-centric thinking

We put the 360 ° satisfaction of the customer at the center of all we do, offering quality products and great value. The main objective of Selectiva is to better understand the customer’s needs of today and tomorrow in order to better fulfill them. Always.


We never tire of innovating our lines and proposing new and exciting collections to our customers, always able to surprise and conquer.

Made in Italy

Selectiva is the market leader in the gourmet segment. Our collections include different brands that seek to satisfy different types of customers, with their common ground being the love of unique, unequivocal and 100% Made in Italy fragrances.


We are a prestigious, honest and respectful Italian company. We always seek to do the right thing, operating in full compliance with the law and according to our strong values and principles.


The passion for our work and for the satisfaction of our customers is at the base of everything. We are enthusiastic about what we create every day: our goal is to improve and succeed.


We respect not only our clients and customers, but also the people who work for and with us: if there is trust, there is respect, and these values determine the success of a truly great company.

Discover the products
which have made our history

Something for every occasion. Let yourself be won over by our decidedly unique perfumed collections.

delicious emotions
Pink Sugar:
dolce e femminile
Paglieri 1876:
esperienze uniche

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